About Me

Green sprout growing from open book“[Jennifer] understands my style and cleans my prose in a way that doesn’t detract from my voice, but makes it infinitely stronger…. Her notes help me strengthen my plot and characters without making me feel foolish…. She even leaves me notes on what she likes within the story! This is such a great thing for an author already nervous about being edited. I recommend her services to indies new and old….”  —Heather Marie Adkins, best-selling author

I edit fiction and narrative nonfiction because I enjoy these genres, and I edit for indie authors because I value creative autonomy. However, you shouldn’t release an unedited manuscript just because you can! Editing is crucial for credibility in the self-publishing industry.

I became an editor because I love books—both reading and writing them. More importantly, I love clear communication. I have an innate ability to propagate potential. I nurture tiny sprouts, then weed and prune. I cultivate creativity, and your story comes to life.

References and samples of my work are available upon request. For more information, please contact me at jjeffersediting@gmail.com or use the form below.


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